How to Build a Wooden Playing Spot For Kids at Your Garden

Building a playing spot for your kids within your compound comes with lots of advantages such as being able to supervise them, ensure their security among others. While you can get the services of an expert to build your kids a playing spot, it is costly yet you can easily build one yourself. This article shall provide a step by step procedure on how to build a wooden playing spot for your kids at your garden.

First, you will need to look for the design of the play-set you want to build. You can get this by searching the internet or asking experts to provide a plan for you.

How to Build a Wooden Playing Spot

Features of a good play-set

  • Should not have sharp edges that can cause accidents
  • Should have a supervisor
  • Should be spacious
  • Should provide a variety of activities


  • Screws and screw driver
  • Ladder
  • Posts
  • Slide
  • Cordless driller
  • Tape measure
  • Seesaw
  • Hammer

After assembling all the materials required, you need to identify the location where the playset will be built. The location should be level. Follow the procedure below to start building your kids’ playset


Step 1: Measure and mark the ground

Using the tape measure, measure and mark the ground where you want to build. The lengths shall be determined by the design you have.

Step 2:  Measure and cut the posts

Use the tape measure and the seesaw to measure and cut the posts. The lengths will also be determined by the measurements on the model you have.

Step 3: Measure and cut the frames

Measure and cut the frames that will be fitted onto the posts. The lengths shall be determined by the length and width of the model. Some of the frames cut will be used as deck to be put on the frames. Those to be used as decking should have same lengths and breadths.

Step 4: Fix the posts to the ground

Make holes on the ground where you had earlier made measurements. Put the posts in these holes and ensure the lengths left above the ground is long enough for the playset. Make sure the posts are firm in the ground.

Step 5: Attach the frames to the posts

Using the cordless driller, drill pilot holes through the frames and the posts. This will prevent them from splitting while inserting screws. Now use the screw driver to attach the frames to the posts. The frames should be attached at proper intervals of at least 35.5 inches. You can always get best cordless drill using high-quality cordless drillers from best sellers.

Step 6: Attach decking

Using the driller, drill through the frames and mount on those already attached to the posts. These will be used as decks.

Step 7: Attach stairs

Use a screw driver and screws to attach some of the frames to the playset built to act as stairs. The steps of the stairs should be horizontal.

Step 8: Cover the playset tower

Use the remaining timber, or frames to cover the sides of the playset. You should leave gaps of equal length between the frames. The gaps should not be too large that kids can get stuck in them. You can also cover the top using any suitable material.

Step 9:  Attach slide

Now attach the slide to the tower. Ensure it is firm so that it does not detach when kids slide on it.

Once you have finished the above processes, the playset will now be ready. You can also build a swing alongside it for your kids.

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