Cool Accessories for Your Smartphone

With the invention of Smartphone life has become very easy and convenient. There are numerous things that you can do with your recently bought Smartphone. You can check your mail, search the internet, take pictures, watch videos, listen to music, and many more things. When you buy a phone, you get few accessories which are very useful. Apart from the accessories you get with your purchase of the phone, there is a big world of latest gadgets. You can use them to do various things which will make your Smartphone even smarter. There are few top and latest gadgets we discussed here which might be helpful for you.

cool smartphone accessories

VR Headset

This is a wonderful invention with which you can get the feel of visualizing a video no matter where you are. This thing gets connected to your phone, and you have to wear it like a sunglass. You can use it on your journey, at your home, in your free time, and many other places. This is a compact accessory which looks very beautiful.

Zooming Lens

Your Smartphone definitely has a good zooming system. But if you want to take a picture of an object which is a little far the zooming of your phone might not help you much. If you use an external lens, you will get the much clear picture. These lenses are now widely used by the youngsters. This is a small lens that you can attach to your camera, and there are many different lenses of various prices and facilities.

Solar Charger

Charge problem is one of the most crucial problems of a Smartphone. Most of the phones of this category don’t last for more than one day. So when you go on a trip or go outdoors for an extended period of time charging your mobile becomes a big problem for you. In this matter, your solar charger might help you a lot. You just have to keep it under the sunlight and connect to your device and charge your phone. The device is lightweight and handy.

Selfie Flash Light

Taking selfie is a beautiful style and has become a part of some people’s lives. At night you cannot take selfie properly as there is less light and most of the phones don’t have the flashlight at the front side. In this matter, the companies came with a selfie flashlight that flashes when you take a selfie. You just have to plug it into your headphone’s slot and take the picture, and it’s all done.

Speaker With Table Lamp

There is a speaker for your Smartphone attached to a table lamp. When you need an accessory on your bedside, this might be a good device. You can adjust the brightness of the lamp so that you get the perfect light at night. For listening to music in a low sound before sleeping or in your relax time this device is good.


If you play a lot of different games on your phone this device will be superb for you. You can use this pad to play games without putting much pressure on your phone’s hardware. You just have to find out if the game you are going to play supports gamepads. Gamepads for iPhone are expensive, but the gamepads for Android are cheaper.

The intention of this article is to introduce the gadgets to the readers. You will have to find the specifications of these accessories on the internet. There are many more gadgets that will be very useful for your phone and will make your work very easy. So be smart in this New Year with the latest gadgets and your Smartphone.

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