Home remedies for Neuropathy you can apply

Neuropathy refer to pain and damage in the nerve which is resulted from many different reasons. The most common cause for neuropathy is illness in which diabetes accounts for 50% sufferers. The following origin are adverse effect of some medication or chemotherapy and injury resultant. The damage cause nerves to be misfired and even send us signals of pain when there is no actual pain. Beside pain, a peripheral neuropathy also manifest by a numb sensation in the proximal of the extremities like feet, hands and fingers.

home remedies for neuropathy

Despite of an enormous effort of scientists, there no guarantee treatment toward this kind of disease and most of the patients still have to live with it and experience pain in some extent during their medical treatment. That’s explain why many of the sufferers turn to natural remedies for help as they are feasible as well as much safer than pharmaceuticals. Remember that a remedies alone could not solve your problems for sure so you should combine a couple of them for a better result.

  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid

An essential fatty acid which not only provide energy by converting blood sugars into energy but is crucial to a wide range of bodily functions. Alpha lipoic acid is considered to be a potent antioxidant when it help our body to get rid of destructive free radicals. Many studies have found a great effectiveness of this acid in easing the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. You can purchase this acid online or buy them at most drug store. Take 600mg of this acid everyday for as long as 6 weeks if needed.

  1. Essential Oils

There are a wide range of essential oils that would be useful in managing neuropathy pain. Topically German chamomile oil, geranium, wintergreen, etc have been found to have an effect on reducing pain, especially chronic pain .

  • Geranium Rose: This essential oil help to elevate our circulation, relieve the pain as well as inflammatory symptoms, stop bleeding and balance our hormones.
  • Lavender: This oil is famous for its wonderful stress controlling effect as well as relieving the pain and anti-inflammation.
  • Roman Chamomile: It acts by soothing the achy muscles and enhancing your mood as well as promoting relaxation.
  • Helichrysum: Helichrysum works wonder in relieving the muscular spasm and calming the nerves which makes it one of the best essential oil for neuropathy.
  1. Magnesium

While magnesium is a crucial mineral in order to generate new cells, form fatty acids as well as supports muscle and nerve function, most people in the West of the USA is lack of magnesium. It has been found that people who are magnesium deficient are more likely to experience a severe diabetic neuropathy symptoms than those who are not. So 800mg of magnesium per day is recommended if you have a peripheral neuropathy. Food contain a high level of magnesium is also encouraged to be consumed, such as legumes, nuts, seafood, sunflower seeds and leafy green veggie.

  1. Vitamins B

Vitamins B has been known to be crucial to your healthy nerves, especially with vitamin B1, B6, B12 and folic acid. Though sufficient vitamin B is commonly observed in people with a good healthy diet, it still likely to be get not enough of those vitamins B which you can compensate by available supplements in any drug store. It is recommended to take as much as 25 mg Vitamin B1; 1.25 mg Vitamin B6; 500 microgram of B12 and 1mg of folic acid.

Note: Vitamin B6 should not be taken exceed 50mg dose in a day as excessive B6 consumption can lead to long-term toxicity as well as pain and numbness.

  1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper contains a chemical compound called Capsaicin which is responsible for a delicious spicy taste. More important, this chemical offer a variety of medical effect, including circulation and digestion promotion and pain relief.

– Apply some gels, oils, creams or lotions which contain capsaicin on your painful area. Then massage the area gently for a while to relieve the pain. You can easily find these products in any health food stores.

– Alternatively, you can either drink a mixture of lemon, water and capsaicin or take it as a supplement which is available in most drug stores.

  1. Chiropractic Massage

A proper chiropractic massage has been shown to be effective with a number of neuropathy forms. This acts by loosening all the intense muscles and improve the circulation as well as the nerve connection while chilling out your whole body. It’s best to have a qualified therapist or somebody who is skilled in this field so that you won’t get hurt during the massage.

Keep in mind that natural remedies need time to show their effectiveness and alleviating the symptoms of your neuropathy so be patient. It’s also recommended to consult with your personal doctor before applying any of these therapies or supplements.

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