Household Chores for Good Health

There are many ways by which you can burn your calories and stop from putting on weight. All the activities that we do during the daily help us to be healthy. There is an option to avoid the daily works. If this is the case, why don’t we find out the better ways to do our household chores? This will not only be effective in getting our work done but also will help us to be healthy and active. If we put a little more concentration on our household works you can burn a lot of calories but you have to do it in a proper way and regularly. Every day you need only 60 minutes to spend in your household chores, and you can be healthy. The following few works are really effective for a healthy life.

Household Chores

Gardening: Working in a garden is an excellent workout to burns your calories and make your house look beautiful. Activities such as digging or turning compost can easily burn 400 calories in an hour. It helps to form a shape of your major muscles, stomach, arms, and legs. The easy gardening is considered to be equivalent to walking, stretching, yoga, volleyball, etc. Raking leaves and shoveling snow is equal to doing aerobics or going for a bike ride.

Vacuuming: You can do the same level activity like hiking or using a rowing machine by cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. You can do this in a better way by stretching your hands and legs to clean the hard-to-reach areas. In this way, your muscles will be at work and will be in a better shape. Those who are new can start their work by this activity as it is easy and motivational. You can listen to some music while cleaning and you will not feel bored.

Dish Washing: This is an excellent activity for the partners. He or she can join the partner and wash the dishes jointly. It will create a positive effect on your mental health along with your physical health. A study published in American Journal of Public Health says that the women who do their household chores together with their husband report less distress and unhappiness than those who work alone.

Shopping: I hope that the girls will definitely love this idea. When you go to the market to buy some staffs, you are actually doing some physical work. You should not be in a hurry, just relax, take your time, find out your best products and buy them. If your marketplace is not very far from your home, try to walk to the market.

Doing Laundry: Washing your clothes is a great workout to reduce the extra weight from your body. You actually do all sort of activities while cleaning the clothes. You lift the bucket to collect the dirty clothes, put it in front of your washing machine, lift the clothes to put them in the machine, take out the clothes after washing is done. If your washing room is in the basement, it helps you even more as you have to carry the bucketful clothes down to the basement and bring it up again. You can involve your kids in this by giving them the light works such as separate the different colored clothes. They will feel interested in doing it and will be involved in some physical activity instead of sitting idle or watching the cartoon.

In this busy world, it has become really difficult to find time for doing exercise. After as busy day’s work you get tired and don’t feel like to do any extra activity. Sometimes you need to spend money to get into a gym. Though working out in the gym is very effective, it needs a lot of your daily time. In this situation taking the household chores as the workout is really going to be effective for your good health.

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