Top Natural Home Remedies for Croup

In this article, we are about to equip you with top home remedies for croup that will help you take good care of your baby. Indeed, this illness may get more serious if there is not any cure for it as soon as possible.

What is croup?

Croup is a highly widespread disease happening to younger children. At first, croup just begins with a mild cough and cold, but afterward, it will soon become worse and worse with further complicated symptoms. When viruses invade child’s body, they will attack the nose and throat. Thus, it is difficult for your baby to eat or even breathe, he (she) may have a dry and harsh cough. Kids with croup are really dangerous as they cannot tell you any problem or anything that they are enduring. That is the reason why doctor recommends you sleep next to your baby and listen to strange things from the child throughout the night.

Home Remedies for Croup

What causes croup?

Croup is caused by viruses, so it is contagious and easy to spread from sick person to healthy ones. How virus enters your body? In three days since a sick one has caught croup, the viruses will develop around whenever he (she) coughs or sneezes into the air. Then you perhaps contact with the infected areas, the viruses are likely to enter your body via the eyes, nose, and mouth. You cannot treat croup with antibiotics, which are used for problems related to the bacterium. Obviously, croup just lasts for a period of time, its symptoms will go away later as your immune system fights against the virus and your overall health is recovered.

What are the Symptoms of Croup?

When a person has croup, especially baby, the virus will develop and multiply rapidly. As a result, viruses strike baby’s larynx and windpipe, therefore it leads to infection and limit in child’s respiratory tract. Normally, croup begins with a flu-like issue and then leads to a sore throat, dry and harsh cough, breathing difficulty. This symptom may end in 5 days or even up to more than a week, based on patient’s age and overall health. If you notice, croup is mostly associated with children who are under 3-year-olds.

The Common Symptoms: 

●    A runny nose with lots of sticky mucus
●    A slight cough turns into a harsh cough
●    A mild sore throat
●    Fever
●    Breathing difficulty, shortness of breath
●    Breathe in and out faster than usual
●    A pale condition in color of skin, lips
●    Other abnormal problems

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Noted that if your baby does not get better or has some dangerous symptoms, you must go to the doctor immediately.

What are Home Remedies for Croup?

The followings are top home remedies for you to get rid of croup. Those tips are simple to use at home and will help you protect your baby.

1. Drink a lot of Liquids

The first effective and necessary home remedy is to drink a lot of liquids. Consuming an amount of fluids will help you relieve a harsh cough and runny nose. You should drink orange juice, vegetable soups, herbal tea … By doing that, your body will heal the vocal chords faster and prevent the generation of sticky mucus. Apparently, the more water you take, the more quickly you will recover.

2. Warm Steam

Warm steam is one of the simplest tips to deal with croup. Hot temperature is able to clear the breathing tube, help you relax the nose and lessen the mucus. Prepare a hot bathtub, close the door and slightly open the window. Consequently, the water will evaporate and after a while, steam will be all over the room. Put your baby in the room for half an hour and let he (she) breathe slowly and gently.

3. Honey

Honey is a plain home remedy to handle croup. Thanks to antibiotic substance, honey can heal the infection and swell in your respiratory passage. Besides, it helps you to have a nice sleep and avoid coughing. You can drink honey with some herbal teas or lemonade that is the best mixture and a wonderful method to get rid of croup.

4. Ginger

Ginger is a great natural medicine to aid you in treating croup. Because of anti-inflammation property in ginger, it is likely to reduce the infection and obstruction. How to use this treatment? You take some slices of ginger and chew them in your mouth. Alternatively, you can make ginger tea and drink it to cure croup.

In addition, ginger has a lot of benefits in treating many other skin problems, such as how to get rid of skin tags fast.

5. Take More Rest

Help yourself relax is the main key to fighting with croup. When your body is exhausted, particularly having diseases, take a rest and sleep well that is able to recover the health, promote the immune system as well. Indeed, you certainly feel better and stronger after a good night’s sleep. Thus, you should advise your children to sleep for a while when they have croup. Keep having enough sleep and do not work hard until the illness goes away.

6. Hot Milk with Some Turmeric

The last remedy we want to introduce to you is hot milk with some turmeric. With essential oils, turmeric can help inhibit the worse condition of a swollen throat and other croup’s symptoms. Hot milk with turmeric has the good effect on vocal chords. How to apply:

●    Prepare a cup of warm milk
●    Add some turmeric powder into the cup
●    Add some more honey if you want
●    Heat it up for several minutes, then take it out
●    Consume the mixture
●    Keep doing this method 2 – 3 times per day

With these treatments as mentioned above, your baby can be safe from croup. In case they are not working or do cause side effects for your children, let’s take him or her to the nearest hospitals to ask for your doctor’s advice and proper treatments.

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